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Brian Hutton

Founder + CFO

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

After spending four years stationed at Ft. Hood, with the US Army, I knew I needed to return to Central Texas as quickly as possible! While deployed in 2013, the opportunity to make Lucky Lab Coffee a reality was presented and I knew this was my chance to return to the Austin area.

Furry Friends:

Porter - 5 year old English Bulldog

Lucy - 5 year old English Bulldog

Jenny - 2 year old Dominique Chicken

Becky - 2 year old Isla Brown Chicken

Felicity - 1 year old Americana Chicken

Roscoe - 3 month old Mallard

Jenkins - 3 month old Mallard 

Go to drink: double cappuccino 

When I was 5 years old, I knew:  I wanted an exciting profession. Thirty years, three deployments, and 42 countries later, I have succeeded in that quest. After finishing my MBA at the University of Texas, I sought a full time position with a local tech company, where I have been hanging my hat for 6 months now while also managing the finances for the coffee shop! Prior to that, I spent 5 years in finance and 11 years as an Airborne Engineer Officer in the United States Army.  The growth of this amazing company has been amazing to watch and I can't wait to see what the next chapter brings!!!

Things things I still have on my bucket list are:

  • Owning a miniature cow
  • Living abroad
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro